Google has never failed at giving the best experience to the users and that is what made them rank one.

For a better experience, SEO constantly changes, and whoever incorporates these pro-techniques can stay above in the competition. The reason industry experts suggest following SEO news and its updates are because these updates will optimize the search ranking in a much quicker and long-lasting way. Every update that Google does will change the way ranking systems work. So, staying updated about all the latest SEO news is very vital for a business.

To make it more convenient for you to know the list of latest Google updates, we have put them together.

1. Google’s new search engine for finding datasets: Google thinks of each and everyone and just to make it easy for scientists, data journalists, data geeks and anyone who require data for their work, can simply use this search engine which is designed specially to help people find datasets across thousands of data repositories on the web.

Google encourages dataset providers to make maximum use of this new update by adding their content into the Data search.

Now dataset search is available in multiple languages and works just like any other search engine. When publishers use this new schema markup, Google will ultimately expand the variety of topics included in the Dataset Search

2. Mobile-first indexing: Indexing and ranking done on the mobile version of the website are known as mobile-first indexing. Every user has a mobile in their hands nowadays and any query that they require will search on their mobile devices. So, Google has come up with indexing websites on the mobile version with the Googlebot.

Mobile-first indexing is enabled by default for all the new websites and for an older version or already existing websites, Google will continue to monitor and evaluate pages based on the best practices.

3. Google’s “Crowd Control”: Are you a person who hates crowded places? Then you have Google’s crowd control feature that will show you how busy a location is.

You can get an update about a particular location every minute and can know how crowded that place is. The information is sourced from other Google users and feeds the information in Google searches to help determine the users how busy the location is and then decide whether to visit that place or not.

4. YouTube vertical video ads for TrueView and Universal Apps: Fed up with the videos turning to horizontal view when switching to full screen in TrueView and Universal App.

Google has launched vertical video ads that give mobile users a more seamless experience. The videos are tailored to fit vertically in the mobile device even if the user switches to full screen. The user can watch a video vertically i.e. in portrait mode itself even after switching to full screen.

Advertisers will also have an advantage of the new screen dimensions, but they need to avoid core messaging in the top 10% and 25% at the bottom of the video. The video gets cropped when it is turned to a vertical dimension.

5. Google’s shoppable image Ads: Have you thought of shopping a product on the keyword that you have searched on Google images. Google has introduced shoppable image Ads, where the users can directly click on the images that will redirect to the product website, where they can make the purchase. Retailers can now highlight multiple products within a single Ad unit by promoting products in Google image search with a sponsored label and a price tag icon on the image.

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