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Stories matter and yes, many big brands have proved this right by pulling off the social media stories perfectly and are now reaping the benefits.

Stories are one of the social media marketing services which are pioneered by Snapchat. It is in 2013 that Snapchat first started this feature of stories, that has a storytelling format that enables the users to put a collection of photos or videos as stories. This collection of stories can be viewed by the followers for 24 hours after which it disappears automatically.

After Snapchat, it was Instagram who rolled out this feature of stories after 3 years. They have started offering it with extra features which include stickers and other creative ways to attract the audience. Once this feature has got into trending, many other players have tried it too and businesses are using them on full swing.

This feature is a great opportunity for the marketers as they can create a fear of missing out (FOMO) campaign to the audience, as the story will be disappeared after 24 hours of time. You can build that eagerness in the minds of the audience and make them want to see more of the content and buy it.

There are many businesses that have been using this feature and one of them is Airbnb. They have started a “Travel Tuesday” series, where they have put up inspirational travel ideas by utilizing professional photographs. To which they have added a quiz feature, where the audience is supposed to identify the destination of the image shown.

After revealing the destination in the series of stories, viewers are prompted to “swipe up” that will take them to the website link. If the user is interested, then they will make the booking.

What exactly do brands benefit from these social media stories?

1. Constant engagement: You as a brand can enjoy the advantage of social stories just by sharing about your product stories and engaging the audience constantly. We call this “social” because it is about engaging with the audience by sharing unique content.

2. Brand awareness: With 2.3 billion people using social media all over the world, you must humanize your brand by showcasing whatever you have to offer. This strategy will work wonders and give your brand a huge awareness.

3. Increased traffic: You can mention your brand name on the story with the “@” symbol and tell your customers to follow. This will improve the traffic that your website will receive and let people know about your brand.

4. Reaching audience: The younger generation is very much attracted to this so-called feature called social stories. With this interest of people, you can post the stories and reach a lot of younger audiences.

Let us inspire you by showing you some ways on how to use social media stories

1. A poll or survey will always give out precise information and thus Instagram has added this feature of polls. Brands can add this poll feature to the story and can ask the audience their view.

If you are a brand looking out to release a new product line or any new colour that you want to try on your existing brand, then this feature will let you know your audience’s opinion.

2. Both Snapchat and Instagram have this feature of adding links to your story. You can add the link to your website in order to boost your sales. Use URL shorteners and place the link on the story. These social stories are for engaging the audience, but it is also for selling the product or service. You as a brand cannot ignore the fact that you are bound to think about sales also.

3. Geofilters are something that the users can add to their images or videos as an overlay image. This is an effective way to engage with the audience enhance their experience with your brand.

4. It is okay to tag your own location and make people aware of it. After all, you are doing it to get some business from the audience. Location tags are important because there is a feature on Instagram, where people can search for the location and get recent stories of the ones who mentioned location icons. This is an excellent way to help your brand get recognized locally.

5. Show your users the real you. Bringing your real you in front of them by making a live video will create a sense of brand belonging. Stream live and participate in the live session by responding to the comments and communicating with the audience.

6. Place call to action buttons on the stories if you want the product or service to be sold. This is because if the user does not see any kind of CTA in the story, then he will just swipe to the next post. Prompt your users to visit your website by placing that CTA button.

Coming to an end, we conclude that the feature called stories is the new marketing strategy, where businesses can capitalize on it. With this latest trend, you can add a great twist to your strategy and promote your business products and discounts. Let your brand outshine in the market and make it look unique by using this feature appropriately.

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